Wedding Rings in Lancaster, PA

"Every piece begins with a dream and ends with a story." - Kathryn Pearce

We are inspired by the story you want to tell.

Celebrate the extraordinary moments of life with the gift of Veleska Jewelry.

Hi, I'm Kathryn, owner &designer

Creating lifetime memories that have a certain Ring to it.

Are you trying to find jewelry that fits your style or a gift that is worthy for the occasion? I can help you find unique pieces of jewelry through the creation of custom pieces. I specialize in transforming your inherited jewelry into something fresh and fabulous. 

Kathryn Pearce owner and jewelry designer of Veleska Jewelry

Reimagine Jewelry

transform Family Heirlooms

Our client wanted to maintain the sentimental value of her jewelry by using some of the diamonds from these old items. 

Reimagine jewelry

Stone Removal

We took out the requested stones to create her dream ring!

reimagine jewelry

Jewelry Dreams come to life

This ring is what she asked for and the side settings are a nod to her passion for the stars.