The Veleska Jewelry story began with Kathryn taking her first jewelry making class at the age of 12. Everyone can remember their favorite childhood hobbies and interests, but not many of us continue those past childhood. Even fewer of us turn those into a lifetime of passion. 

Here's a picture of Kathryn with her very first tumbled rock!

She continued creating art and hand-crafting jewelry through university making pieces for fellow students. Now, with over 30 years of experience as Veleska Jewelry owner; principal designer, and jeweler, Kathryn is always busy making unique jewelry. This is artist devotion and not just a job. 

Whether it’s custom, engagement, wedding, or just-for-fun, Veleska offers stunning jewelry you’re sure to fall in love with. Our services include custom design, redesign from old to new, repairs, and cash for gold.

With an inviting space and friendly staff, we are happy to help you match the right style to your personality! When you shop Veleska Jewelry your purchase supports artists with a deep passion for their work and we are dedicated to giving back to the community. That's something to feel good about. 

Veleska Jewelry Mission:

To apply four very important personal senses while creating your jewelry.

  1. Hearing: We promise to listen to each customer’s desires and do our best to achieve them.
  2. Touch: Our jewelry designs will feel comfortable to both hand and heart.
  3. Sight: Everything we create will please the eye of both the wearer and observer.
  4. Taste: Jewelry created by us will be pleasing to our customer’s palette of good taste.

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