Is Rose Gold the New Black?


What started as simply a seasonal accent color has now become a year-round classic, making its way in industries far beyond accessories. Rose gold has gone in and out of trend within the fashion industry, but when the big names like Apple, Nike, and Adidas picked it up for their products, it was confirmed that this classy color is here to stay.



Like most of the world, we love this delicate, yet bold color. Whether it’s a statement piece or complementary accent, rose gold can be the perfect addition to any outfit.



Rose gold jewelry instantly creates a classicly modern look. This dainty, yet vivacious addition will beautifully complement the items in your wardrobe. Fuse rose gold with pearls or diamonds, and you’ve added a tantalizing detail to perfect your evening look.


Depending on your desired look, rose gold definitely pairs better with certain colors. When it comes to jewelry, rose gold always looks good with silvers, whites, and diamonds. Check out some of our favorite combinations!



If it wasn’t already clear, we are loving all things rose gold, and we’re pretty pleased that this color has made its way back into the hearts (and outfits) of the world.

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