Penelope Pendant

Introducing the Penelope Pendant, a testament to loyalty and elegance, handcrafted by Kathryn Pearce for Veleska Jewelry. This pendant is crafted in luxurious 14K rose gold and boasts a distinctive design that combines three exquisite gemstones, each symbolizing a unique aspect of fidelity and passion. The centerpiece of the Penelope Pendant is a 15mm white opal donut, radiating with an ethereal play of color that captivates the eye. Complementing the opal, a 3.5mm ruby bead adds a touch of vibrant red, representing strength and love, while a 9x6mm carnelian briolette drop dangles gracefully, infusing the piece with warmth and energy. The pendant comes suspended on an 18-inch rose gold plated chain, ensuring it hangs perfectly around the neck. This piece is not only a stunning accessory but also a symbol of loyalty and true devotion. (Chain Sold Separately)

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