Ellie Ring

The Ellie Ring from Veleska Jewelry captures the essence of a warm sunrise with its vibrant centerpiece and contemporary design. Set in 10 karat yellow gold, this ring features a stunning 3.50ct Sunrise Topaz, known for its radiant orangy-yellow color that evokes the early morning sky. The topaz's large size and vivid hue make it a true statement piece, perfect for those who seek jewelry that not only accessorizes but also captivates.

Complementing the bold topaz are six small diamonds, totaling 0.03 carats, which add a subtle sparkle to the ring, enhancing the brilliance of the central stone without overshadowing its natural beauty. This thoughtful arrangement of diamonds brings a touch of luxury and refinement to the ring's overall appearance.

Size 10.5, the Ellie Ring is a testament to modern elegance, combining a standout centerpiece with the timeless appeal of yellow gold. Whether it's for a special occasion or everyday wear, this ring promises to bring a touch of the sunrise's warmth and beauty to your hand.

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