Clare Diamond Ring

The Clare Engagement Ring by Veleska Jewelry is a magnificent tribute to the Art Deco era, blending vintage charm with the sophistication of modern design. This ring is meticulously crafted in platinum, chosen for its strength and timeless appeal. At the core of the Clare Ring is a stunning 1.40ct Old European cut diamond, renowned for its deep cuts and large facets which enhance the stone's natural brilliance and warmth. This exquisite diamond is surrounded by six round diamonds totaling 0.09 carats, adding a delicate sparkle that complements the center stone beautifully. Further enhancing its allure, the ring features an additional 0.24 carats of diamonds intricately set within the platinum band. The band itself showcases detailed filigree work, a hallmark of Art Deco design, which adds a layer of complexity and elegance to the ring's overall appearance

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