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Recently, a couple came in to Veleska Jewelry shopping for an anniversary gift to celebrate 17 years together. They shared their love story with us. They met in the sixth grade. Even though they had no classes together, they each knew who the other person was. It never crossed their minds that one day they’d be married! Fast forward five years, at a graduation party for a friend, they were reintroduced and neither was anything like they had remembered. By the end of the summer, they were inseparable. They started dating the following September, their senior year of high school. Two years later they were married and now have four beautiful children together.

We wanted to provide an anniversary piece that complimented her engagement ring. Her setting is vintage, dating back to the late 1890’s early 1900’s. With an illusion set round brilliant cut diamond and filigree details all in radiant white gold. It is a beautiful piece, one-of-a-kind. Their favorite thing about the ring? That no one else has the same ring as she does. They love the vintage look, and feel it represents their past, present, and future. What a perfect symbol to reflect this couple!

Here's an image of a ring we have at Veleska Jewelry that has a similar style in yellow gold!

14K yellow gold vintage engagement ring illusion set hexagon round diamond center


Nowadays, it is a lot easier to find or even create a unique ring. If you are looking for a ring that tells your story, you won’t have to look very far! Vintage rings, create-your-own rings, and even custom “design-your-own” rings are available at many jewelry stores. But, where do you go and how do you choose? 

Here are some things to consider: 


Before you begin shopping, have an idea of how much you want to spend on your ring. This will be very helpful when you are actually in the store or even when you are shopping online. (Shop Veleska Engagement Rings) You can quickly rule out the more expensive options, and your jeweler will show you your options for your price range. 


There are countless options to choose from when it comes to choosing your engagement ring. You’ll want to know what metal you are looking for and what stone you will be choosing. The most popular metals are white gold and platinum. Many new metals, such as titanium and rose gold, are rising in popularity. And yellow gold is slowly creeping back into fashion. 

You’ll also want to know what kind of stone you want. Are you going for a traditional diamond? Will you want a unique look such as a sapphire, emerald, or ruby? 


There are many ways to make your ring symbolic of your relationship. For example, an interwoven band symbolizes infinity or eternity, while the three-stone engagement ring is said to represent the couple’s past, present, and future. Naturalistic designs that incorporate leaves or buds represent the couple’s love of the outdoors, while text engraved into the band can hold a special meaning as well.

Even the type of ring can hold symbolism for the couple. The vintage ring can represent the couple’s romantic history while the custom ring can represent the artistic element of the couple. Which brings us to our next point: How do you find a ring that fits your criteria? 

Shopping For A Ring

Regardless of whether you go to a store or shop online, you’ll want to make sure that your vendor offers the selection you are looking for. Your provider of choice should give you several style options including: 

Let’s talk about these options. Vintage rings are rings with a history! At Veleska, we have a collection of Estate pieces that have been previously loved. We restore them in detail to ensure quality and durability. We also carry a selection of ready-made rings that are created with modern trends in mind and available to bring home the same day. Create-your-own rings are where you choose your center diamond or gemstone then choose a setting for it. Custom rings are more involved - you will work us to sketch out your ring which, after you approve, will be custom-made in the store. 


For many couples, the engagement ring is no longer merely a symbol of the relationship, it is the story of the relationship. Understanding your budget, the general elements of the ring that you are looking for, the symbolism you’d like to incorporate, and the style of ring you are looking for can make your shopping experience easier. And, of course, be sure to shop where there are options reflective of your preferences! 

Just like the couple in the story, your personality and interests can be reflected in your ring, whether it is a one-of-a-kind vintage ring, a personalized classic ring, or a fully custom engagement ring. If you need help, please stop by our store and our friendly staff will be happy to help.


I once had a ring shipped to work. Someone stole it before I could receive it. I thought it was lost forever, but 5 years later, someone anonymously returned it to me in interoofice mail! What a wonderful moment that was.

Anonymous October 01, 2019

I am a client. Every visit has been as wonderful as my first . Very attentive staff and they are always up for a challenge as they are so creative true artistry. I recommend them highly. I have never left disappointed. A client and a friend💕

Anonymous October 01, 2019

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