3 Winter Date Ideas for All Personality Types plus Bonus Points!

We realize how difficult it can be to come up with new ideas to charm your love. So we came up with 3 options that are specific to different personality types. Take what you like and leave what you don’t. Whatever you do, we hope you walk away inspired to spend time with your sweety.


Picnic in the living room! Let’s face it, you hate being cold and you love those casual eats in the park with your one and only. Why not create a special moment right in your living room. Get yourself a cozy blanket, picnic basket, a bottle of wine or tea and treat your darling to a relaxing night in. Add a special touch by creating an outdoor atmosphere inside. After dessert, let your imaginations run wild as you watch the “sky” together sharing the majestic scenes that form in your minds.

Bonus Points:  Present a memorable gift in a cute little picnic basket! We suggest these tantalizing earrings.


A night would not be complete without socializing with others. If you like wine or whiskey take a tour of a vineyard or distillery together. There will be plenty of people around you to chat it up with and invite your friends to join. After the tour head onto the dance floor and boogie on down. We know you’ll be up until sunrise. We’re thinking that rooftop is the perfect place to watch your love rise over the new day together.  

Bonus Points:  Have a special bottle presented to your loved one with a bracelet attached! We like this bubbling beauty.

pearl bracelet with gold clasp


Oh to have options… Would you like to be amongst people while staying in your own little world or socializing with other like minded people? We suggest a gallery, museum, or art class for a fun outing together. Afterwards, find a sweet cafe to conversate about the days inspirational highlights.

Bonus Points:  When you get home have a private exhibition set up with a gift of an exquisite piece of jewelry. We’re ablaze for this pendant.

For all personality types:

Cuddle up and take a nap! It’s free and it’s good for your health. Seriously. Google it. Most of all, be intentional about giving one another quality time and enjoy! Now that’s solid gold love.

Did this post inspire you to create a special moment for you and your partner? Leave us a comment with your newfound ideas!

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