Aquaria Diamond Ring

The Aquaria Ring by Veleska Jewelry is a stunning marriage of tradition and contemporary design, beautifully crafted in 14K white gold. This exquisite wedding set includes both an engagement ring and a wedding band, each designed to complement the other perfectly while standing out as individual masterpieces. The engagement ring features a striking pear-shaped diamond at its center, weighing .57 ctw. This central diamond is flanked by two additional diamonds, adding .10 ctw to the piece, for a total diamond weight of .67 ctw in the engagement ring. The elegant design and brilliant sparkle of these diamonds symbolize the strength and purity of your love. Accompanying the diamond engagement ring is a wedding band that boasts a central pear-shaped sapphire, weighing .17 ct, known for its deep, mesmerizing blue hue and symbolic meaning of wisdom and royalty. Six side stones totaling .15 ctw enhance the sapphire, completing the band with a flourish of sparkle.

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