Matteo Ring

The Matteo Ring is a distinguished piece within Veleska Jewelry's collection, perfect for those who cherish the timeless appeal of antique jewelry. Crafted from 10K yellow gold, this ring presents a robust and elegant base that enhances the bold, black square onyx at its center. The onyx itself is a symbol of strength and certainty, with its substantial presence and deep color providing a dramatic backdrop for the jewelry piece.

At the center of the onyx, a sparkling diamond is meticulously set, serving as a brilliant focal point that creates a striking visual contrast. This design not only highlights the sophistication of the ring but also adds a touch of modernity to the antique-inspired piece. Sized at a 10.5, the Matteo Ring is crafted for those who appreciate a bold statement in their jewelry, combining classic elements with striking modern design to create a truly eye-catching accessory.

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